What’s unique in Pantai Losari

By: yoriyuliandra

Mar 27 2011

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Category: Me inside, People, Scenery


Focal Length:6.72mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX L21

Previously, I thought nothing special in this beach but the “PANTAI LOSARI” sign, but then I finally found something unique in this beach: people can see both sunrise (in the morning) and sunset (in the afternoon) right from the same spot in this beach.

Btw, I performed an extreme photo touch-up in this pic :mrgreen:


2 comments on “What’s unique in Pantai Losari”

  1. baru tahu… biasanya sih liat sunsetnya aja..

  2. Kalo saya nggak pernah melakukan touch up apapun di foto saya. Paling saya re-sized karena kalo gede ukurannya, berat juga saat upload-nya.

    Itu sih karena saya gaptek, bisanya ngedit ukurannya doang. 😆

    Iya bener, Losari bisa lihat sunrise dan sunset di tempat yang sama.

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