What elementary students draw

By: yoriyuliandra

Apr 12 2011

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Category: Scenery


Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This picture reminds us about what elementary students draw if their teacher asks them to create some drawings. There’s always a mountain with many coconut trees incompletely covering the view of the mountain. There’s always a rice field whether with farmers or not. This picture just doesn’t have the sun that the students always draw just behind the mountain :mrgreen:


3 comments on “What elementary students draw”

  1. hihihi.. jadi inget gambar waktu SD dulu, pohon kelapanya malah lebih tinggi daripada gunungnya lho!

    pemandangannya baguuuuuuuuuuuuuuus.. dapet aja angle kaya gini!

  2. pemandangan indah kayak gini banyak banget ya, Da, di Sumatera Barat. Saya bukan fotografer, jadi ya meskipun lensa mata bisa nangkep keindahannya, pas njepret ya jadinya biasa-biasa aja. 😀

  3. This reminds me of Philippines! lol! Well, you are Asian so it makes sense it looks tropical:P

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