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Aug 03 2011

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Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Should we wait to be mature enough to feel a break?

Anyway, I think I am now wondering what’s this plant called in your country, ‘coz I my self don’t know what plant this is. I thought this plant is dandelion, but a few others said it ain’t dandelion, it’s something else. So I am now confused. So, what’s yours?

*Just another challenge from dailypost. Below are what others post to answer this challenge, please kindly visit their pictures. I think all of them are charming.

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48 comments on “Broken”

  1. Here in New Zealand, that would be a dandelion head…our grand-daughters love to chase them in the breeze…

  2. Dandelion here too…and thanks for the pingback 🙂

  3. I agree, here in New Zealand it’s a dandelion.
    Thanks for the pingback 🙂

  4. Sure looks like a dandelion to me. Thanks for the pingback by the way.

  5. Wat a lovely click….and thanks for all the ping backs!

  6. very innovative…loved the shot!

  7. bikin idung jadi gatel nih bang bayangin si bulu2 itu masuk ke idung 😆

  8. Hi! Thanks for the pingback 🙂

  9. Love this photo! (thanks for the pingback) 🙂

  10. Very nice photo! It looks like a dandelion, but I can’t tell for sure without seeing the leaves. Thank you very much for the pingback.

  11. Dandelion. Wow. 😀

  12. Very nice photo! And thank you for the link!

  13. Lovely photo, so poetic !
    Thanks for for the pingback !! 🙂

  14. Thanks also for the pingback! ^_^
    That photo is cute, I wish it grows also in our country

  15. thank you for the pingback ♥

    btw, i love your photos – especially the macro shots!

  16. Thanks for the pingback 🙂 Nice pic!

  17. Thank you for your pingback.
    In Japanese, it is called “Tanpopo”.

  18. Great shot of a dandelion. thanks for the pingback 🙂

  19. I tend to agree, a dandelion it is, but as you say maybe somebody else calls it differently, either way its broken 🙂
    thanks or the ping back

  20. Okay, I am a bit silly but I have been googling images of dandelions and their seeds look a bit different to yours. They seem to have a small seed, then a long stalk, then the feathery bits that catch the wind. Maybe there are different types of dandelion?

    What ever it is your picture is beautiful, and thanks for the pingback.

  21. Hi, yoriyuliandra. Thanks so much for the pingback. Greatly appreciated.
    We’ve always called it a dandelion here. Great photo you have of it.

  22. Thanks for the pingback yoriyuliandra! Interesting picture!

  23. fotomu bagus2 Yo…

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